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i dont understand people who only sleep with one pillow

Can being vegan be causing me heavier periods?
asked by Anonymous


Vegans usually find they actually bleed less - are you new to veganism? Perhaps your body is detoxing?

Heavy periods can be a symptom of other things but I don’t believe veganism is the cause such as: birth control being quite a common one. Perhaps talking to a doctor will help put your mind at ease?

Veganism definitely doesnt affect your periods at all! I went to my GP who said it it was other shit wrong with me (which I wont go into) and in fact praised me for my vegan lifestyle and said it’s one of the best things I could possibly do for their health! I’m on the pill now, which I know isnt vegan and I feel terrible for taking it, but what can I do? It’s worked wonders for me so maybe it’s worth visiting your GP and asking for advice as well as getting a blood test done. Good luck anyway! xo

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